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Die 1.Lieferung der 2019 Subrosa BMX Bikes ist eingetroffen!

Die 1.Lieferung der 2019 Subrosa BMX Bikes ist eingetroffen!

Hier einige Infos über die neue 2019 Subrosa Bikes Line, welche einige sehr interessante neue Modelle bietet:

Das neue 2019 Subrosa Sono und Sono XL Model:

- To start things off, we’ve added new models like the Sono and Sono XL completes, so there is now a bike available in the lineup where we didn’t have one before!

  A lower priced full size entry level bike.


2019 Subrosa Letum Bike Model:

- The Letum is freshly upgraded this season, with 4 Rant Party on plastic hubguards and also 4 of the brand new LL Cool plastic pegs.


Das neue 2019 Subrosa Malum 22" Bike Model:

- The Malum 22” bike is brand new, a bigger brother to the Malum pro model which is always a popular bike.


Das neue 2019 Subrosa Malum DTT 26" Bike Model:

- Also the arrival of a Malum DTT 26” in 2 color offerings, yes we are now offer a Double Top Tube 26” in the Malum level.

  *The super popular Salavador 26” bike is still in the line-up, available again in 2 color options.


Das neue 2019 Subrosa X Shadow Bike Model:

- And the pinnacle of a high end bike, the limited edition Subrosa X Shadow complete bike for 2019, which features all aftermarket parts!


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