SHADOW Sabotage Sprocket 28t Guard Replacement - VK 8,95 EUR

SHADOW Sabotage Sprocket 28t Guard Replacement - VK 8,95 EUR
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Art.Nr.: SCSABGUARD28-blk
GTIN/EAN: 0811120033379
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Shadow Sabotage 28t Sprocket Guard Replacement - VK 8,95 EUR

- Replacement Plastic Guard
- Colors: Black
- Weight: 50g 

As the old saying goes: ‘What’s old is new again’. The Sabotage Sprocket is a tribute to an old idea, based on old school sprocket/ guard combos, but with new school tech and materials. The high-impact, low-friction plastic guard is paired with a solid 5mm alloy sprocket by 4 bolts. The ultimate in protection for your sprocket and chain, we made the spacing between the guard and the teeth to fit a Shadow Conspiracy Supreme and Interlock chains, which most guards don’t do. 

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