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Cinema CK Plastic Pedals red - NEW

Cinema CK Plastic Pedals red - NEW

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Cinema CK Plastic Pedals red VK 18,95 EUR - NEW

Chad Kerley's signature CK pedals feature a comfortable concave body design, with 12 molded pins per side and micro knurleing across the entire surface for added traction. The pedal bodies are injection molded pins per side and nylon fiberglass blend, spinning on a durable full chromoly spindle. Embossed end caps feature the CK signature logo, and feature unique removal slot should the pedal need to be tightened or greased.

Spindle size. 9/16"
Spindle Material Heat treated Chromoly Steel
Body Material Nylon and Fiberglass Blend
Traction Pins 12 per side
Installation 15 mm Pedal Wrench / 6 mm Allen Key
Colors. black, black/ gold, red and white
Weight 1.2 oz

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